Nice to meet you, my name is Julie and welcome to Proper Protein. I started this site as a way to track my progress in strength training and Olympic weightlifting. Since starting lifting over two years ago, I realise now that I’m officially addicted and want to share my love of strength training with everybody. Having completed the L2 Fitness Instructor course I’m now undertaking the L3 Personal Trainer course as I’ve a keen and active interest in both fitness and nutrition.



I train at Crossfit Manchester (a Catalyst Athletic affiliated weightlifting gym) several times a week and also train weekly at Mo Power with building absolute strength as the main focus. My fitness goals vary from time to time but now I’m actively competing in Olympic lifting competitions (photo below of 45kg snatch lift taken at the Northern Open 2014), the aim is to put in as many hours perfecting the technical lifts whilst working to become absolutely stronger. If you’re interested, you can follow my progress on this site.

Alongside all this, I hope to explore and review supplements which I feel are beneficial to strength training and fitness in general so expect to read some informed and (hopefully) helpful posts which may guide you along your own fitness journey.


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