Vanilla Green Tea Protein Pancakes

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The best thing about these pancakes is the flavour. The second best thing about them is how healthy they are! Plus with a few quick substitutions, it’s easy to make this recipe vegan, gluten-free, or both. Matcha green tea powder is incredibly versatile and available online or in most Oriental supermarkets which is where I […]

20 Surprising Facts about Protein

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Most of us know that protein is an important part of our dietary needs but few of us really understand exactly what it is and how it fuels our bodies. So, here is essentially everything you need to know about the wonder of protein. 1. The word ‘protein’ comes from the Greek word ‘proteios’. What’s […]

Absolute Strength: Establishing the foundation for future movement

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An athlete is defined in Webster’s as “a person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina”. I would slightly adjust the meaning for today’s athletes to be anyone who is required to perform tasks regularly that require physical strength, agility, or stamina, not just in a […]

Muscle Food – Chicken Breast Review

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Unless of course you are a vegetarian, chicken will more than likely be a staple part of your typical diet. I for one know that I can more than easily eat a good few meals or more a week based on the tasty, reliable meat. I think that’s where its broad appeal lies and why […]

The best six fish for protein

Homemade Grilled Salmon on a Cedar Plank

If you’re a weightlifter, athlete, gym enthusiast or simply someone who’s keen on maintaining health, you will know that the most important aspect in developing a strong body is protein. We learned in school but most of us tend to forget that one of the best source of protein is none other than fish. We […]

How energy is produced to fuel muscles – the Energy Systems explained

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Energy can have different connotations for different people, but the generally accepted definition within fitness is the capacity at which you are able to work. We derive energy from food (chemical energy) which is converted into fuel which then powers our muscles. Depending on the activity, the body will decide on the best energy system to […]