Whey Protein

whey protein

What is it?

Whey Protein is one of the two main forms of protein found in milk that is obtained as a by-product during the production of cheese. It is often hailed as a health food lover’s best friend for its various advantages in strengthening the body. In fact, in its powdered form it is actually the world’s number one best-selling supplement overall – and for good reason.

Why is it useful?

Our bodies are able to digest it incredibly quickly in comparison to other proteins, meaning it enters our bloodstream and kick-starts the muscle building process very swiftly. This makes it ideal to keep our bodies nourished before and after workouts and a must for those looking to tone up their build.

Its benefits don’t end there however, so here comes the science part. Whey protein is packed full of branched-chain amino acids, known as BCAAs. The three types of amino acid found in BCCAs are generally considered the most important in successful muscle building, and since the peptides found in whey protein ease our blood vessels – speeding up the flow of said blood – our muscles can get hold of all those vital amino acids as soon as possible.

This all contributes to a major assistance in building upon both the mass and strength of our muscles, making whey protein a great aid in body conditioning no matter your current level.

How much should you take?

Given that whey protein’s primary advantages revolve mostly around muscle growth, the optimum time to consume it in order to maximise gain is definitely immediately pre and post workout to help with preparation and recovery.

The recommended dosage consists of three lots of 20 grams: one first thing in the morning, one within the 30 minutes prior to you hitting the gym and one within the 30 minutes after you’ve finished exercising.

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